Cal-X Incorporated 900B Cheyenne Avenue, Grafton WI 53024

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Cal-X, Incorporated is committed to being the complete, professional source for your engineering prototypes, visual models and short run production needs. Our experience has been forged by engaging in product development within various industries over the past 20+ years. We know and understand we are not just making parts but are supplying a quality service that is critical to your product and your company's success.

Key Cal-X employees account for 70+ years experience in the product development environment. Backgrounds in design, master model making, shop supervision and project management are committed to understanding and delivering a product that meets every customers unique requirements.

Cal-X, Incorporated is located in Grafton, Wisconsin. Our 12,000 square foot facility is fully equipped and geared towards providing high quality service with the shortest lead-times possible. We invite you to call or stop by to discuss how partnering with Cal-X can be a long term benefit to you and your company.


Cal-X Incorporated 900B Cheyenne Avenue, Grafton WI 53024